Shipping & Delivery

Everything you need to know about multiple shipments

Multiple shipments occur when the items you’ve ordered are delivered as separate packages on different days.


What’s the deal with multiple shipments?

When your order consists of items from different vendors, we would be delivering them as separate shipments on different dates, depending on the vendor.

As our vendors are based at different locations, sometimes we’re unable to collect all the ordered items from every vendor on the same day. Therefore, we deliver these items separately as and when we collect them from the vendors.

Don’t worry! All your items will be delivered, safely!


How do I know the estimated time of delivery of each item?

You can find the estimated time of delivery of the item on the product page itself.

It suggests favorable timings to place the order so you can expect its delivery at a suitable date.


Where can I find the estimated time of delivery?

Can’t find it? It’s under the ‘Delivery’ section, right below the PRICE of the product on the page.


Will I be charged with shipping and COD fees on every shipment?

Yes! You’ll be charged differently with shipping and COD fees when you order from multiple vendors.


What are you waiting for?

Yalla, let the shopping begin!

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