Product listing with souqfort

How to create a simple product?

To create a new product, go to the Vendor’s Hub dashboard.


Click on “Products” from the left menu.


Click on “Add New” on the top right corner


A new product window will load. Fill in the product details:

  1. Product Type: Simple Product
  2. Product name:
  3. Price
  4. Sale Price (If any, and choose a schedule for the sale price)
  5. Images: Upload Cover Image and Product Gallery Images below cover image
  6. Long Description of your product
  7. Product Category


select Product Brand (if any) add Product Tags (optional)


Inventory: Enter the inventory details below.

SKU: Enter your product SKU. Click here to know more.

Manage Stock: click checkbox to enable and enter your inventory manually.

Allow Backorders: Select “Do not allow”

Sold Individually: Do not enable the checkbox (select this option only if you want to sell 1 quantity/customer)



Weight: In kilograms

Dimensions: Length x Width x Height (all in mm)

Shipping Class: Select the shipping class from the dropdown depending on the weight of your product.

Processing Time: Select the processing time of your order from the dropdown.


Tax Status: Taxable (If you are eligible to collect VAT) or else select “Shipping Only

Tax Class: Standard


Attributes: Attributes can be the specification of your products Eg: Size, Color, Memory Capacity etc.


Choose among the ones which are already created and select the value from the dropdown,


or create a new attribute by selecting the “Add Attribute” value from dropdown below and clicking the Add button.

Enter the value in the attribute

Active? – Select the checkbox

Name – Enter the name of the attribute (eg: Color)

Value(s) – Enter the value of the attribute (eg: Black)

(use pipe “|” if you have multiple values eg: Black | White | Silver )

Visible on the product page – Select the checkbox



Up-sells/Cross-sells: Add any product if you want to upsell or cross-sell with this product.

Then scroll down


Warranty: By default, it will show you the settings you have made while setting up your store,

you can override this any time on product level with this warranty option.

If you don’t provide warranty keep the settings as it is with no warranty option or you can disable the default one

and change it from the drop-down from No Warranty to Warranty Included.



Enter your warranty details if you provide warranty with this product.

Product Warranty: No Warranty / Warranty Included / Warranty As Add-on

Warranty Label: Warranty

Warranty Length: Limited / Lifetime

Warranty Duration: Enter the duration of the warranty

Add on Warranty settings:

Cost: Your pricing for add-on warranty

Duration: Your duration of the add-on warranty



Once all details are updated properly


Once submitted, your product will be sent for the review.


You can see the status of the product in the product panel.


Once your product has been reviewed, the Product Status will change to Published.

Now your product is Live on souqfort and visible to the customers.

Happy Selling!


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