Vendor's Dashboard

How to withdraw your earnings?

To send a request to withdraws your earning from souqfort Vendor’s Hub,

Go to the Vendor’s Hub dashboard and click on orders.

Vendors upon receiving order and gets the listing in order tabs, and from here they can check which order is still unpaid.

The vendors can manually claim withdrawal simply by going to Vendor’s Dashboard >> Payments and clicking on the “Withdrawal” button from Payments section in the top right corner.


Upon clicking the withdrawal button, the vendor can submit a request to avail their earnings by selecting their order.

Once the request is submitted, the souqfort accounts team get the notification of the request and will be able to process the payments.


Please Note:

  • You can only withdraw amount for the completed orders.
  • Vendor must have minimum limit to make a withdraw request.
  • Souqfort will set the minimum balance for vendor to make a withdrawal request.
  • Vendor will view the limit in souqfort terms & condition and will get email notification.
  • Vendor will get e-mail notification when his withdraw request gets approved by the admin.
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