Product listing with souqfort

What are the picture requirements for the products?

Product pictures will help the customers know what are they buying.

Product pictures that are being uploaded has to be in better quality.

Although the product pictures are for illustrative purposes only, the uploaded pictures have to be matched as per the exact product name and description.

Better quality product pictures will encourage customers to buy the product.

The following guidelines will help you choose and provide us with the best pictures that will reflect your products’ worth:

Picture requirements:

– The product to be on a white background without any shadows (for at least the main product image)

– The minimum picture size:
Apparel / Fashion: 1000 x 1000 pixels.
Other Categories: 800 x 800 pixels.

All pictures should be less than 5 Megabytes.

– There should not be any additional writing, designs, or logos on the pictures.

Further picture content requirement for the Fashion category:


  1. Minimum three images; one that has the item’s front-side, another that has the back-side, and the last one that has the fabric or the material details.
  2. All clothing must have model images with the exception of lingerie, swimwear, kids wear, socks and fashion accessories. Sports bras can be worn by models.

Pictures of models wearing lingerie or bathing-suits aren’t accepted.

Bags & Luggage:
1. Minimum three images front of the item, the back, and inside.
2. The shot of the item with a model or a scale is mandatory.

1. Minimum three images, front, back, side.
2. Shoe should preferably be facing the right side.
3. The primary image for flip flops should be a top shot.

1. Minimum two images, one of the product, and the second of the product on a model or a mannequin.

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