Getting Started

How to set up vendor’s account after sign up?

Once you are finished with the sign up / registration process and welcome wizard, you will be redirected to Vendor’s Hub dashboard.

To complete the setup and make your store ready, please follow the steps below.


Once you are in your vendor’s dashboard, Click on “Settings”.


In “Settings” you will see a progress bar stating the completion of your store.

Follow the instructions to complete your store formation. Start by adding banner and logo of your store.

Add your banner and logo in the Store Brand Setup and the rest of the details on the page.


Once you have uploaded the photos and filled the details go to the payments section.


Choose your Preferred Payment Method:

Enter all your company’s bank account details. Once all details entered, click on the shipping section.


Select the Processing Time and Shipping Type for your products. It will be shown as default settings in your products which can be changed anytime on product level during product creation.


Next Step is to add your store SEO and social profiles information. This step will help your store to be easily searchable on google and other search engines.


Click on Store invoice and enter the invoice details you want to show on customer invoice.


Once all the details have been updated, click “SAVE” button to save the progress and refresh the page once settings are saved to see the progress bar on 100 Complete!

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